Winifred Lezine

I help clients narrow in on their career and personal goals, asking questions relating to their life’s purpose, deepest values, and day to day challenges. We explore how these ideas and purposes intertwine by using a variety of innovative and fun techniques to help my clients discover which paths they would like to explore.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I thought I would be a university German professor. I was nearly there. I had taken all of my exams, defended my topic, and was writing that dissertation… but it wasn’t meant to be.

Life intervened in a harsh way with my husband’s unexpected short illness and death. Suddenly on my own, I knew that I needed a career right away, not when that dissertation was done.

So, I started teaching middle school. That next phase of my life kept me busy teaching and eventually getting into school administration. And after 20 years in that perfectly satisfying world, I suddenly knew I had to make another change.

This time the ache was deep inside to make a difference and be true to my heart. I needed my outside life to reflect my inner values. I was afraid to look deep inside, and then work to bring that person who had been buried there for a long time, to the surface and tell her that it was now her time.

But I did it: I looked deep in my heart, and here I am. And do you know what one of the most valuable tools was to make this possible?

I shared my struggles with a coach.

Having someone to give me an outsider’s perspective and who helped to validate my concerns and help me clarify my thoughts was invaluable. Coaching is so powerful and magical all at once. 

After nearly 30 years working in all different aspects of educational leadership, I am using a lot of the skills I have had to use at different points in my life when I decided to go in a totally different direction and redefine myself.

I’m an expert at redefining life goals and plans, choosing a new career, and digging deep to stay true to personal values and your life’s purpose. I’ve learned to follow my passions and my heart and create a joyful, abundant life. Let me help you do the same. 

  • Associate Certified Coach- International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Spiritual Coach- Life Purpose Institute
  • Certified Life Coach – Life Purpose Institute
  • Certified Professional Coach- Life Purpose Institute
  • Certified in Acu-Yoga & Acupressure through Michael Reed Gach
  • Certified Level 1 & 2 Radiant Child – Yoga for Children
  • Post-Master’s Certificate in School Administration- University of North Carolina- Greensboro
  • MA – German- University of Arizona
  • BAS- German & Spanish- Magna Cum Laude- University of Pittsburgh
winifred lezine

Winifred Lezine

Winifred Lezine is a certified life and spiritual coach working with organizations and individuals to explore creative ways to tap into their potential. She helps her clients narrow in on their career and personal goals, asking questions relating to how they understand their life’s purpose in relation to their day to day challenges. By exploring how these ideas and purposes intertwine, Winifred and her clients use a variety of challenging and fun techniques to discover which paths her clients would like to explore.

winifred lezine

After nearly 30 years working in all different aspects of educational leadership including pre-k 12, public, private, and charter schools, community college and university levels, Winifred Lezine ultimately decided to go out on her own. She enjoys helping people in a wide range of leadership positions discover untapped potential and have the courage to follow their dreams by setting achievable goals. The truly exceptional aspect of Winifred’s coaching is the way in which she helps clients stay accountable amidst a world full of distractions. 

Winifred has served as an exceptional leader and mentor for others within our organization.
Her capacity to understand systems, identify needs, and support others to advance priorities has been instrumental in elevating work that is transformative and based in capacity-building.
Because of Winifred's ability to coach others and to influence the system, we have found that she has reframed issues so that people can approach challenges with confidence and competence.
Winifred is insightful and helps shifts in thinking when others may not yet see the vision; we have witnessed how she has increased the efficacy of a variety of stakeholders and the system's integrity and alignment.
- Kim Watchorn -
Thompson School District,
Loveland, Colorado

Former Educational Consultant,
Colorado Department of Education