Book Your Session

Congratulations on taking that very first step to putting yourself and your progress towards your goals at the forefront of your focus. Below you will find a variety of options. If we’ve never spoken, please choose the 30 minutes complimentary call. This call gives us the opportunity to find out what it would be like to work together. As with any relationship, professional or otherwise, it’s important to take the time and talk first to see if we want to work together for the next couple of months or more. Coaching is an intensely personal relationship requiring trust and confidence in the coach you select. What better way to understand if we can work together than by taking the time to talk and explore that option.

If we’ve had a call and you are now ready to get started on taking specific steps towards moving forward and creating an amazing future for yourself, then please select the 80-minute Discovery Session. This is where we’ll delve deeper into which areas of your life are calling for specific attention at this time: work and career, relationships, spirituality, and life purpose, etc. We’ll prioritize our next few months’ work which we will revisit throughout our time together coaching.

After that, you will most likely be selecting the 50-minute session. This is the normal length of a session and allows us to explore topics much more in-depth and see where we really want to go. These are also the sessions where you may bring up topics that are timely and rising to the surface at any given day or moment. The 10-minute accountability call is one you are welcome to book a few times throughout the course of your package. Sometimes you just need a quick check in to keep you focused on your goals and to help you walk into that next meeting with your mind perfectly sharpened for what you want to produce and bring to light.