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Do you struggle to shut off your work-mind in your off hours? Do you frequently take home “just a little bit” of work to take care of in the evening? Have you previously lived this way, and it wasn’t a problem, but more and more you are now finding that this doesn’t fit with who you are and how you want to live? Is there that creative dream you have been thinking about and wanting to explore? What’s holding you back? What’s the real issue? Dig deep.

It can be scary to confront the hard truth that you’re successful, have a good life, and yet….. there’s that feeling in the back of your mind, in the pit of your stomach that you aren’t really exploring all the possibilities. There’s a potential future out there that is just beyond your finger tips unless you push yourself to take the steps to make your goals happen. It just takes an action, then another to follow that new path. Simple? Actually it’s pretty scary-though sometimes it is just that simple.

You may find that talking about things helps you to think through all of the options and what some of your decisions could mean for the future. In conversation, you can talk through what you know to be the “safe” path and why it may fall flat or just doesn’t seem to ignite that fire in your spirit. You can explore the riskier, potentially much more satisfying options. It’s kind of like trying on a future for fit. How does it feel? Does it make you feel inspired and challenged? For myself, I don’t mind being challenged, going well beyond my comfort zone, seeing what I can actually accomplish, but I have to figure out what my boundaries are for each situation. I have to be assured that I know where my limits are and what my plan is that will respect my boundaries while still pushing me to stretch other limits.

This is an area where an experienced life and career coach can help you navigate the anxious feelings or the overly heady experience to enable you to feel a level of comfort in approaching these new opportunities to excel and shine. I have worked with one of my coaches for over 15 years. Yes- coaches have coaches too! We have a level of trust that allows me to explore all different results and experiences, peeking in on how certain potentials might play out. I would like to think that we actually push each other to reach to the full extent of our individual potentials and see where we can take it. That’s an exciting relationship in which to be a participant.

The boundary that I find hardest to keep is the balance between work and life. I’m really clear with boundaries in relationships whether they be work or social boundaries. I can read social situations well, and I am able to know where the comfort zone is with people. People who are overt in their need to push my boundaries don’t get very far with me. Occasionally I have been in situations where I have been keenly aware of someone going beyond my comfort zone, but I have allowed it to happen. Often this has been a conscious decision on my part to go beyond where I normally would go. In the right situation, with paying attention to how I feel as it goes, I have had some experiences that stand out for the way in which I was able to experience them.

The trick is knowing which experiences which allow you to test your boundaries on your own terms. Such moments allow you to test out other opportunities while still keeping one foot in your more familiar world. However, you have to understand what your limits are, when you’ll feel too far out there and exposed. Test it out. Find people who give you that leeway and encourage you in a safe and respectful manner. This is an instance where a coach may be very helpful. Because you don’t “know” the coach, you don’t have to be concerned with judgement or sharing too much personal information.

For the most part though, I maintain good boundaries and communicate to others that I am not willing to be drawn into their drama or obligations. I’ve had people ask me how I know where to draw these lines. I think this comes with thinking through the plans that I have. I prefer to live my life in a proactive rather than reactive way. I want to stay open to possibilities and synchronicities, but I also want to protect my space in which to expand and grow. This means knowing that I know what I’m ok with, I listen to this, and I communicate this to others. This also means having a community of coaches, healers, inspirers, dreamers, achievers, goal-setters, and believes all around me.

Goals and the level of satisfaction you feel with your work shift through time. Things that were once very satisfying and challenging, no longer provide that feeling of making a difference. It’s certainly fine and safe to put your time in and get your just rewards, but then what? Maybe you have gotten to what is supposed to be the end goal and realized you want more?

Are you ready to explore your limits and potential? Together we can explore your dreams and goals and help to map out challenging steps forward to help you really achieve your potential and feel a sense of true deep purpose in life. I’d love to push you and push myself to create something completely new and exciting. This is a great ride we’re on. Let’s see where we can take it together.

Winifred Lezine

Winifred Lezine

Winifred Lezine is a consultant, professional and career coach, life & spiritual coach who is always looking for those clients that are ready to test some boundaries and see what the potential is for herself and her clients.
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