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Do you have a serious case of the blahs?

Have you lost that loving feeling about your work? Have you lost the spark that once guided you through your days, both at home and at work? Do you feel like you go through many of your days on auto-pilot, putting in time rather than really experiencing all that life has to offer? Are you ready to get that deep motivation of your life’s purpose back to the forefront? Ready to take the steps to bring creativity and fun back into your work and home life? Are you ready to come alive again?

I’m here to help. I help individuals who are motivated to control their own experiences. Together we will work on elements of personal mastery to (re)discover what your driving principles are and weave them together with creative ways to keep you working on your goals both big and small. 

When you think about play, is it always in the past tense? Is play something you did as a child but doesn’t really have a place in your adult life? I challenge you to re-evaluate that assumption and seek ways to bring it back into your life for an even greater potential pay-off. Yes, really! Playtime is productive time! The thing that often sets apart a good successful life from a truly exhilarating experience everyday is to work playful ways of engaging in your daily routine while creating ways to engage with work and home.

I work with people who are seeking to renew the lust for life. They consciously choose to embrace creative tensions and engage in a playful manner with all the great opportunities out there for us all. Maybe you’ve still got the excitement, but you’re just not sure how to move ahead and follow what you know feeds your soul.

I have a variety of techniques and exercises that can be your soul food. That playful quality that guided us through so much discovery in childhood isn’t merely in the past. We can still access that same creative flow through playful engagement with different techniques and strategies to a more adult end goal. Let’s go there together. Let’s explore what we can do together and the strategies you can learn and keep in your toolbox. That way, when life hands you challenges and successes you can embrace them with a joyful heart and a playful, positive spirit!

Winifred Lezine

Winifred Lezine

Winifred Lezine is a consultant, professional and career coach, life & spiritual coach who is always looking for those clients that are ready to test some boundaries and see what the potential is for herself and her clients.
Schedule a free 30-minute introductory session to see what we can embark upon.

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