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Are you struggling to get the most out of every member of your team? Do you have the right people on the team, but yet something just isn’t quite coming together in the way you think it should? Does everyone on your team or in your business share the core values or even know what they are?

I can help! I help leaders work on their vision and create buy-in within your teams. We can explore what drives both you and the team. I’ve worked with teams that are high functioning and also those that struggle to stay on the same page. It isn’t easy getting everyone to speak the same language and work towards the same goals, but it is possible. And it’s no secret that it all starts with you.

Effective leaders can define what their vision and impact needs to be daily and I can help you figure out what that vision is. We’ll work to define your leadership style, hone in on a vision that you can confidently push out to the whole team, and work towards solid, recognizable steps that will help both you and your team gain clarity on where you want to be and how to get there. Strong teams have strong foundations. Knowing how to build that foundation will set you apart from the crowd.

Once you clearly define how you see yourself as a leader, we will then turn to the challenges you see in your team members. You’ll learn how to channel your drive into practical methods for leading your team members forward and upward. I have seen and worked with teams that were discouraged and struggling, and we managed to guide everyone towards a high functioning and productive team structure. It all starts with you as the leader!

Overwhelming? Sure it is! It’s a struggle to change mindsets—both yours and your teams, but it can have tremendous payoffs if you’re willing to do the work, define where you want to take the team, and stick to some basic principles. You have it in you—just look at how you are looking for solutions—that shows your awareness Both you and I know that this is true. Let’s get in there, do the dirty work, and come up with a step by step plan to work with your team and create something amazing!

When you’re down in the trenches, it feels overwhelming, like no one wants what you are envisioning for the team. Let me tell you, there are others out there who want and need your strong leadership. They crave it! I’ll help you keep the important things front and center. We’ll craft a solid message and concept to motivate your team and yourself.

The first steps are always the hardest., When you’re on the other side of the challenge, looking at all you’ve accomplished, all that work will be worth it.

The end goal is well deserved and others are counting on you to bring it and carry it through. And isn’t that what leadership is all about?

Winifred Lezine

Winifred Lezine

Winifred Lezine is a consultant, professional and career coach, life & spiritual coach who is always looking for those clients that are ready to test some boundaries and see what the potential is for herself and her clients.
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