Ready for the Layoff

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Have you been waiting for the notification that you’re a part of the next round of layoffs? In these uncertain economic times, this is a fear that many people are living with and know all too well. While many people find themselves looking for a new job and having to redefine themselves suddenly, there are also people in a different situation. Some of you have been frustrated because with each new round your name isn’t on the list. Yep- you’re secretly hoping that the next round of layoffs will include your name. You’ve done your time at your current place of employment, and you are ready to try something new. You’ve put significant time into the company and if they would only lay you off, you’d get a rather decent severance package and be allowed to move on and find something new. You can picture it now:  paid time off to help ease the transition, continued benefits for a while. You can feel how it would be to have some paid time off while you get ready for the next phase in your life. What’s not to like?

The problem is that you’re just too good at your job. You are a real asset to the company, so your wish is not coming true. Have you been contacted by supervisors and asked to sit down for a conversation about your performance? You’re ready for the words about being part of the next round of layoffs, but instead they actually tell you how valuable you are. They express their gratitude for your high level of work and continued excellent performance. You’re relieved, but that niggling feeling is still there that you wish the conversation was going in a different direction.

In our challenging economic times, this is a tricky situation to be in. The inner questions just keep coming when you think about leaving. It’s hard to take the step to move onto something new when the news details greater numbers of people out of work. Do you listen to the voice inside saying you are more than ready for something new? Do you stay with the stable and reliable income though you yearn for a new challenge and different job? Are you just sick and tired of the current same-old same-old?

Another aspect of this scenario that you keep peaking at is the possibility that your solid position used to really satisfy you. You start to question yourself. Do you really need to put yourself out there in this wild, highly unpredictable economy? You’re uncertain, but one thing you do know is that you can’t continue with the attitude you bring to work every day. You also need to re-evaluate your current relationship to your position, manager, and employer. But where to begin? It can be scary and daunting, so you just don’t deal with the issue head on. You find something else to occupy your time and hope the feelings of being less than satisfied will slowly go away. But they don’t, do they?

Are the annoyances of your current workplace getting to be just too much and getting you to your boiling point faster than before? Maybe the true challenge of the situation you find yourself in is that you know that you could and would normally move onto a different job to help you feel better about work; however in our current situation, you really just need to face the music that the change may need to come from within. This can be an even scarier proposition that changing jobs during a pandemic and its economic fallout. Now that’s saying something! Are you looking inside and realizing you’d rather face radical economic uncertainty than deal with your own inner demons and habits? Relax. I’ve got this.

I’ve been working with people in these same situations. It’s not easy. You take pride in your work, you do your best every day, and you love a challenge. If it were any other time or situation, making the decision to leave might be a bit easier. However, being in the midst of the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes makes your usual ability to trust your own decision making ability that much tougher. You’ve got people dependent upon you. You’ve got bills to pay, mouths to feed -especially your own! Just being ready for a change doesn’t sound that convincing when you say it out loud right now. It’s scary even when you whisper to yourself that you want to be in the next round of layoffs.

Do you have a family and other people around you urging you to not make this risky move right now? Should you wait for a better time? What if there is no better time? Feeling ready to make a large career change when you have a whole lifestyle built around and dependent upon your earning potential can really bring up some deep-seated fears and worries about inadequacy and failure. It might feel like it would be a luxury to be able to walk away from that reliable job even if you can feel it sucking the life force out of you moment by moment. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad. However you know that you frequently come up against examples of co-workers, managers, and bosses taking your significant skills for granted. We’ve all heard that people don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers and toxic work environments.

Sometimes the place to start looking when we need to make a change is within us. We need to re-examine the knee-jerk reactions that have become our go-to responses to the day-to-day issues in the current work environment. Perhaps it’s your outlook that needs a readjustment. Looking inside at what parts of your current attitude and mental engagement need a tune up can often be harder than choosing to jump ship and find a new job. You may ultimately decide that the benefits really do outweigh the risks of moving on. Working through all the questions to get to that place of confidence and assurance will allow you to be ready for the agility required for whatever path you choose to follow. 

This is where career coaching comes in. Working with a coach always gives you a leg up on the competition and the challenges of the situation at hand. It’s time for you to prioritize yourself. Holistic career coaching helps you dive into those murky waters and determine your options. I am a proven career coach with experience in helping people deal with career transitions and the whole life transformations that come along with such a significant change. Working with me means creating a plan which caters to your specific issues and interests. Intuitively you already know what you need to do, but I help quiet those annoyingly loud distractions that make you question your decisions. We’ll tackle the fears head on that make you doubt your own confidence, and it might actually be fun! Holistic career coaching brings in my expertise with career change and personal transformation focusing on discovering and connecting with your life’s true purpose and defining your core life values. Give me a call or stop by my website and schedule a free introductory call. We can discuss where you are at and where you want to be.

Winifred Lezine

Winifred Lezine

Winifred Lezine is a consultant, professional and career coach, life & spiritual coach who is always looking for those clients that are ready to test some boundaries and see what the potential is for herself and her clients.
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